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How We Detect Leaks Using Advanced Technology

Determining where a leak is coming from and what’s causing it is paramount to preventing water damage and other problems. Our leak detection techniques include the following:

Acoustic leak detection:

We use a special tool that detects sounds within pipes and plumbing and amplifies them to pinpoint the locations of any leaks. Before plowing through a suspected area with equipment, we will have a better understanding of where leaks are.

Leak noise correlators:

Our staff places sensors on both sides of pipes on your property to analyze if leaks are present. After using the most advanced algorithms and programming, these correlators figure out where our plumbing team should investigate further.

Video leak detection:

Small cameras are incredibly helpful in providing a closer look at what’s going on inside your pipes. They allow us to find the exact area that’s leaking and what’s causing it in the first place. We can then take immediate action.

Soil probes:

These probes allow our plumbers to see what’s going on in your yard and where leaks are. If you have an underground leak, probes can sense the water shooting out and show where to dig and perform repairs.

No matter which methods we utilize, we will quickly get to the bottom of your leak troubles. It’s vital to stop the leak from worsening as quickly as possible, and the best way to do so is to contact our trusted plumbers. 

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Signs You Have Plumbing Leaks on Your Property

A small plumbing leak can easily turn into a major headache that causes extensive damage to your home or business. Knowing the signs that you might have a leak can save you money and time on repair services. Look for the following clues, then book our leak detection service today:

  • Wet carpets or spots on floors
  • Presence of mold and mildew
  • Musty smells or dampness
  • Unusually expensive water bills
  • Noisy pipes despite inactivity
  • Frequently cycling water heater
  • Inconsistent or poor water pressure

Some evidence of water leaks can stay hidden if they are in an often unused area of your property. However, working with an expert at our plumbing company can help detect even the trickiest leaks and stop them at the source. We guarantee top-shelf leak detection work every time!

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The Dangers of Slab Leaks

A leak from your concrete slab can wreak major havoc on your property. These occur underneath your house or on the floor of your concrete basement, often making them invisible until you can’t ignore the costly and troubling damage to your home. While you might not spot the leak itself, some clear signs are mold and mildew growth, pooling water or wet flooring, the sounds of dripping water, and rising monthly water bills.

Long Beach, CA residents continuously turn to us and schedule our superior leak detection service. Stop slab leaks quickly with the help of our reliable plumbing professionals, and enjoy a safer property! We also provide emergency services and will promptly assist you in your time of need.

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No matter if you have a pipe or slab leak, both cases require a fast response from plumbers you know and trust. Turn to Mullen Plumbing to receive the fastest and most reliable leak detection service in and around Long Beach, CA . Contact us online or call 562-708-7209 to book an appointment.

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